About Us

The beauty of one of the Croatia’s best National Park, National Park Kornati has been enriched with the newly opened house for rent. With 4 bedrooms, 2 glamping tents, 3 inner showers, 1 outside shower, this self-sustainig house has 30kw of solar panels and a water distiller that turns seawater into fresh water. The house is equipped with sanitary facilities that have hot and cold water, making it suitable for all of your needs. Designed for max 12+6 person, this house provides you quality robinson holiday.

Located in a beautiful bay of Vrulje, in the heart of the NP Kornati the house has 238m2 with the 500m2 terrace designed for enjoyment. The island of Kornat is the largest island in the Kornati archipelago, which consists of 140 islets. The island is uninhabited, you can find visitors here only during the summer months. The Kornati Islands are an oasis for sailors. There is no electricity or water here, which makes our destination special.

This little part of the world is protected and has been declared a significant Croatian landscape. Surrounded by the sea, this house is a quiet little corner for those who want to escape from everyday life a bit. The gentle rocky beach in front of the house.

Enchanting sunsets will surely awaken the romance in you. We tried to stay away from touching the natural beauty, in order to preserve the environment and keep it as it has always been.

At your service: softub, playroom for adults and children, children's park, meditation/yoga area, small outdoor gym with the sea view, SUP, relax cushion area, barbecue so that you can prepare your favorite and most popular delicacies, without having to fear a fire starting, canopies and sun loungers. We are also equipped for parties - partybox 1000, 2 speakers, illuminated garden, terraces, 150 kg ice machine. The house is equipped for your enjoyment and relaxation in untouched nature, in the heart of the National Park.

The house also has a laundry room as well as refrigerators for our guests. Since we form a part of the National Park there can be a lot of small animals, but do not be afraid there are not toxic or life-threatening. National park Kornati is a home to some amazing plants and animals, which use park lands and waters to find food, raise their young, and rest. Unfortunately many of these are “at-risk” species. This means that their population numbers have dropped so low that scientists are concerned – some have even been listed under as “threatened” or “endangered”. On top of the threats, climate change is making their environment hotter and drier. So what should you do? Keep your distance from wildlife, respect it and they will respect you.

Enjoy the exterior, relax, calm down and recharge your batteries. If you wish, you can also sleep under a clear sky watching the stars – and what an experience this can be!