About Us

Imagine this scenario: you are only allowed to eat one cuisine for the rest of your life. Which cuisine would you choose? If you ask us, the answer is obvious; we would definitely pick Croatian cuisine! From the rolling hills and olive groves of Istria in the west, to the turquoise waters of Dalmatia in the south, and vast, castle dotted plains in northern Slavonia, Croatia is a country of beautiful contrasts. With fresh herbs and vegetables, of all Croatia’s coastal regions, Dalmatia has the finest reputation thanks to its seafood.
Along the coastline, families get together, especially in Summer, and cook in a bell shaped oven called peka. Peka steams the food in its own natural juices, which enhances the taste, while adding rosemary from the garden adds an even more distinctive flavour. Devotees claim anything cooked under peka tastes incredibly, with lamb, veal and octopus being particular Croatian favourites.
With its thousands of islands and a population that learns to fish as soon as they can walk, seafood is very popular. Dishes range from simple grilled whole fish to a seafood stew called brudet, which is traditionally served over soft polenta. Black risotto made with cuttlefish ink is a big favorite as well. Whole fish and sardines are often cooked on an open fire.
Everything mentioned brings us to Core, a stunningly designed restaurant and lounge bar open in June 2015. A place that is much more than just spectacular sea views. We have two goals. First, to offer what we best know and love – Croatian food and wine - and then to give our dishes new life through innovative ingredients and culinary methods. “Our dishes are always based on tradition and history,” says our Chef, who is known as a cook with great experience and knowledge not only in Croatian, but also in Italian and French cuisines.

“We are proud of our culture and gastronomy, but we strive to add flavour to your vacation by putting modern spins on ancient recipes.”
— Core's Chef

Someone once said "A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.". When you try Croatian wine for the first time you will realise there has been a well hidden gem you had no idea about. Trying Croatian food will surely make you curious to try Croatian wine and then you will find yourself knocked off your feet by top quality, fresh, and locally caught fish and seafood, some of the world’s finest cheeses and cold cuts (prosciutto sounds familiar?), and not to mention sophisticated and tasteful authentic desserts. Once you taste Croatian cuisine, it will leave you wanting more!