WEddings & Team Building

Core Kornati

Team Building

Do you want to organise a team building event or a special event for your company, up to 18 people?

You are at the right place!

When it comes to specific activities, only sky is the limit. Sailing, swimming, fishing, water skiing, trekking or enjoying the beautiful view with a mojito in your hand.
In addition to that, Core is located in Vrulje Bay within the Kornati National Park, hence it will thrill you with its atmosphere and uniqueness.

The cozy atmosphere, natural light and relaxing open sea views will ensure that your stay there is comfortable while maintaining your concentration at a high level.


In search of beautiful locations that Croatia offers, Kornati islands are still among many undiscovered pearls which would make them an ideal venue for a wedding ceremony.

The church Gospa O ‘Tarca served as a refuge for sailors who were waiting in sheltered bays Šipnat, Levrnaka or Telašćica for favorable winds to continue sailing on the Adriatic sea. Now you can use this beautiful chapel to exchange your wedding vows, or as we say in Croatia, to sail into a peaceful harbor.

House has a capacity to accommodate up to 18 people. If you are coming with more people, a good option is to come with a boat that can accomodate the rest.

Serving and catering is for you to organize.

There is always someone in the world waiting for someone else, whether in the middle of the desert or in the heart of some big city. And when these two people’s paths cross and their eyes meet, the whole of the past and the whole of the future lose all importance,and there only exists that moment and that incredible certainty that everything under the Sun was written by the very same Hand.
The Hand that awakens Love and creates a sister soul for everyone who works, rests and seeks treasures under the Sun.
Were it not for this, the dreams of the human race would make no sense.

Paulo Coelho