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Mooring & Docking

Do you prefer to be hooked up while you are free to move from your boat to the restaurant, or rather you would like to stay on buoys and we pick you up? Anyhow, we got you covered.

Core Kornati Mooring

  • 17 Moorings
  • 10 Buoys (May be charged by Park Rangers)
  • Moorings for yachts up to 30m (99ft)
  • Depth 3-5m
  • Electricity & water
  • Trash Disposal
  • Shower

Tips For Park Visitors

Kornati National Park  -  ticket Prices explained

If you are confused by ticket Pricing, we will explain the situation in few words here.

How are Park tickets charged?

Situation about tickets in 2020 is still not clear. We will update this information as soon as we have news around it.

Price differences are based on three main factors:

  1. Season: beginning June to end of August has higher prices, the rest of the year has lower prices.
  2. Boat Lenght: Up to 6,99m, 7-10,99m, 11-17,99m, 18-24,99m, 25-49,99m, etc.
  3. Place where the ticket was bought: Outside Park area or Inside the park area where the price is 50% more expensive (unless you stay at our docks).

What is the best way to buy Park tickets?

If you are tied to our dock, a daily ticket to NP Kornati bought in the Restaurant may apply a special price. Ask us for details when you arrive. Electricity and water are optional.

Otherwise we strongly recommend that you try to avoid paying the ticket inside the park, since it will be double the price you would pay if you were bought the ticket before coming to the park.

We recommend that you buy the ticket online at least a day before, from the official Parks Of Croatia website. Be careful! Tickets are all mixed up with no obvious order. Some are valid for two parks (Kornati and Telascica), some are off-season (you can filter by season), some are for more than one day, etc. Read carefully every detail, or else you may end-up with a wrong ticket.

To help you out, here are the direct links to most common tickets our guest are buying, valid only for National park Kornati during the High season, for one day. ( 01.06.2018. - 30.09.2018.):

Other tickets, including the 3 day tickets valid for Two parks are available here.

Please note that online tickets have to be purchased at leaset one day before visiting the park. Also, note that One-day tickets purchased from 00:00 to 24:00 are valid until 12:00 on the following day.

The Official place to to buy cheaper offline tickets is in at reception desk in Murter, Butina 2.  The official Price list can be downloaded here.

Download the Official price listPDF, 17 MB