Meet our Chef

Hrvoje Ciglenec


When I finished my studies, I immediately found a job in a French-Italian restaurant, which made me realise that I am right back at the beginning. The style of cooking, ingredients and organisation of work are very different from restaurant to restaurant. The learning never stops. After washing the dishes and making salads for a while, I finally managed to get closer to preparing real food.

I quickly mastered the cooking techniques of the new restaurant and subsequently became a young chef. After that, my cooking journey started its upward spiral.

The focus in my career thus far has been mediterranean cuisine, French-Italian cuisine, Croatian traditional continental cuisine, hotel kitchen operations, fine dining and I also worked with concepts of Catering, Pubs and Buffet dining.

Working at all of these places has been one long rollercoaster ride, but my love and addiction to cooking has been stronger than everything else. In spite of my long and challenging journey, I was thriving in each of my workplaces and quickly became a sous Chef.

I became a Chef after years of experience.

I am constantly learning thanks to a wonderful work experience and exchanging ideas with other excellent Zagreb Chefs. The goal of my cooking is to prepare traditional Croatian cuisine using different cooking techniques. I want to make sure that the guests get a traditional meal served in a modern and creative way.

I am aware of the fact that a Chef needs to upgrade his/her knowledge all the time, hence I am continuously working on my expertise and cooking techniques. After working in Zagreb for  fifteen years, I decided I needed a change, so I went back to working at the Croatian seaside, but this time as Chef. Despite all the knowledge I have acquired, I am still ready for new experiences and new cooking techniques.

If The Kornati National Park is your destination of choice this year, I invite you to visit the restaurant and lounge bar Core. Try my latest vision of traditional cuisine in a modern disguise while surrounded by beautiful nature and sea. Bon appetit!

Hrvoje Ciglenec - Chef at Core Kornati