Core Kornati



Top notch cheese for one person

Prosciutto Ham

Top notch Prosciutto ham for one person

Beefsteak Carpaccio

with Grana Padano cheese

Tuna Carpaccio

with marinated carrot & apple in lemon juice and rock samphire (sea fennel)

Seashell stew

Warty venus, Smooth Callista and mussels Clam / Seashell stew

Burrata on Homemade Tomato sauce

with marinated vegetables and basil in domestic olive oil

Rockfish Fritters

with leafy lettuce greens

Marinated Shrimp

on smoked pineapple with cheese and hazelnut cream, prunes

Truffle Spread

Fish or shrimp pate


Daily Soup


Fish Soup

Shrimp or fish or clam/seashell soup


Fresh Seasonal Salad

Side dishes

Bread Basket

French Fries

Homemade Potatos

Julienne Vegetables

Oven Baked Delicacies

Spanish Style Piglet

Mini pig from Spain, cca 5-6 kg, side dish included (whole or half)

Mini Veal Shanks

side dish included

Pag Island Lamb

cca 6 kg, side dish included, (whole or half)

Adriatic octopus

side dish included

First class fish

side dish included

Fish Dishes

Grilled Adriatic Spiny Lobster

Grilled Adriatic Scampi

Fish Filet

with potato and mangel mix (homemade potatos, or french fries)

Tuna Steak

with potato and mangel mix (homemade potatos, or french fries)

Octopus Tentacle

with potato and mangel mix (homemade potatos, or french fries)

Meat Dishes

Tomahawk Steak

Beef Patty

with potatos and julienne vegetables

Beef Burger „Core Maxi XXL“

with homemade potatos or french fries

Rib-Eye steak

with potatos or julienne vegetables

Aged Beefsteak

21 day aged Beefsteak with potatos or julienne vegetables

Kids Corner

Breaded Turkey Steak

with salad and french fries

Mini Burger

Baby beef mini burger with french fries




Ice Cream Scoop

Various Cakes


Breakfast Core


Not included in price